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It Include:

Disk Ananysis:A tool to Ananysis Disk use by GUI

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Analysis a Directory include Sub Directory
2.Dispaly the Percent Use of Parent
3.Caculate the File and Folder Count
4.Show the Larget,Oldest,Lastes File of Top 200

Multi Files Reanme:Visual File Rename Tools

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Can Rename File With FileName or SubRange FileName
2.Can use Count
3.Can use File Time
4.Can Own Define Count Step,FileName UpperCase or First Char UpperCase

iP Switcher:Use Diffent IP in Diffent Address

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Save Multi IP Configure 2.Config Easy 3.Quick Switch

Network Monitor:Monitor TCP/UDP network links

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Monitor network links Easy 2.Auto Refresh
3.Can see in diffrent Group

Process Walk:

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Easy see Running Process
2.Easy see Modules in a Running Process

Directory Structor Print:

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Print a Files or Directory List in a Dir
2.Print to a File and Print(Etc:c:\test.txt)
3.Easy Explorer Style

Progress History:Clean your System History

Feature:Screen Shot
1.Clear Windows's Recent Document,Run URL
2.Clear IE Address,Formbot
3.Clear WinRar,MediaPlayer,Winzip,RealPlayer,Wordpad Etc.
4.Clear office2007 Recent Document